Name in Chinese Daisy Yo

Name in EnglishDaisy


Lumiere Counseling Center- Counseling Psychologist

National Taiwan University Student Counseling Center- Part time Counseling Psychologist


【Experiences and Education】

Licensed Professional Counseling Psychologist of Taiwan

Licensed Professional Counselor of OH, USA

Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT

Mental Health Counseling, MA, Bowling Green State University, OH, U.S.A.

Educational Psychology and Counseling, BA, Ming Chung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan



Lead teacher of Sunday school, Church in the River of Life

Song De Clinic- Counseling Psychologist

Instructor of Emotion Topics for Children and Young Camp, Life Renewing Church

Instructor of Relationship Topics for youth, Taiwan New Taipei District Court

Intern Counseling Psychologist, Song De Clinic

Intern Mental Health Counselor, Sophia Center, OH, USA

Member of Suicidal Prevention Project, Jainan Mental Hospital


【Get to know this Counseling Psychologist】

Every individual has our incredible value and meaning. Nevertheless, during the life journey, there are many reasons that made our shining glow growing dim.


To learn and to apply the meaning of self-acceptance is a life long work. Many times, we live in a feeling of shame by accuse ourselves, compare to others, self-blaming, worry that people don’t like us, or we are not as good as other people. We forgot who we really are, and how to love and be loved with the most natural way.


Here at Lumiere, I hope to offer a warm and safe space for you to talk freely. Let’s get closer to your true feelings, I’ll be here for you. Let’s go a deeper search of your thoughts and where are they coming from, I’ll be on your side. When changes start to take place so you might feel hesitated, I’ll be your cheerleader. So let’s be courageous and move on.


Lastly, I want to thank you, for believing in yourself, to like yourself, and to accept who you really are.



Relationship counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorder, Children and adolescence counseling, Social skills, family issue, career issues, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy.


Christian Spiritual counseling


Beliefs in Therapy

Bio, Psycho, Social go hand in hand, which affect a person’s body, mind, and spirit.


When the symptoms are server, medication is needed in order to decrease the suffer of symptoms.

However, cognition is the key of emotions and behaviors, the its one resource is the environment we are living in.


Through counseling, we unwrap the thoughts and deeper emotions, so we stuck no more. A clear path of life will be ahead of us.

Name in Chinese Chiu, Yun-Che

Name in EnglishCho

【Current Job

Lumiere Counseling Center---Art Therapist and Counseling Psychologist

Student Counseling Center in National Taiwan University---Art Therapist and Counseling Psychologist



【About the Counseling Psychologist

I often consider that doing counseling is like hiking, to start a journey of knowing yourself. I, a counseling psychologist, will be your companion. We share food and life stories as we walk. Those conversations are like a telescope, showing the path you had. Although the path you had would not change, you may have a different point of view after I share mine. The understanding of self will be clearer through the process.


Life is full of ups and downs. In those difficult scenarios, we cheer each other up. Whenever you are ready to start the adventure of yourself, we hug and review the journey again, noticing the changes you have made. Over time, our inner self grows. With thankfulness and bittersweet, we say farewell. And if one day we meet again, we will share the new path we have.


People could be alone at times. However, with the stories written in our mind, we can never be lonely. You can always be your best companion.


【Work Experience

Student Counseling Center in National Taiwan University ---Art therapist and counseling psychologist

Center for General Education in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology---Adjunct assistant professor

St. John University, New Taipei City---Counseling Psychologist Practicum

Tao-Yuan Junior High School, Taipei---Substitute special education teacher



Counseling Psychologist, 諮心字第003579, Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan
Art Therapist, TRAT2016-007, Taiwan Art Therapy Association



Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA

---Master of Arts, Art Therapy Counseling (Thesis Title: Correlation between Optimism, College Freshmen, and Color Preferences in the Structured Mandala)

Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan

---Bachelor of Fine Arts



Self Awareness:

.Improve the understanding of own personality.

.Discuss meaning of life.

.Redirect life orientation. 

Emotion and Body Adjustment:

.Awareness practices.

.Express feelings through multiple art (painting, music, drama, dance, etc.).

.Integrate various emotions.

Balance in Relationships(LGBTIQA+ Friendly):

.Relationship with self.

.Relationship with others (lover, friends, families, etc.).

.Relationship with world (values, beliefs, cultures, etc.).


Approaches: Client-center, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Hakomi, and Existential Psychotherapy, once a week.


【Beliefs in Therapy


You are the expert of yourself. The capacity to heal is already inside, waiting to be discovered.



In this psychological journey, clients and I will work together. An open mind and honesty are crucial to build a therapeutic relationship, which will determine the result of counseling.  


Safe Environment

The environment I attempted to build is not to rush the result, but to have the healing self-discovery process with no pressure. I believe that the important issues can be only revealed while people feeling safe and calm enough.



Language is a maze. People come in and search answers of life, but often get lost inside. Art is a path towards abstract feelings, dreams, and unconscious mind, which guiding us to find inner self.